Reality Winner, a young woman who sacrificed and gave of herself to help warn the United States that the Russians, with Trumps help, had actually hacked into many state boards of elections and may have actually changed and/or alter votes!!!

Trump caused Reality Winner to be arrested (the first leak case/arrest under Trump) and was charged under the Espionage Act.

Special Counsel, Robert Mueller just indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers, accusing them of interfering in the 2016 US Presidential Election.

They are charged with hacking the computer networks of members of Hillary Clinton's campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. They allegedly coordinated to release damaging information to sway the election under the names "DCLeaks" and "Guccifer 2.0."

Paragraph 72 of the indictment states that the Russians hacked into "state board of elections and stole the information of 500,000 individuals."
Paragraph 73 states they hacked voter registration software across the United States.

Frankly, it is now clearly known Reality Winner is indeed A HERO, a true patriot and therefore she MUST BE GRANTED IMMUNITY NOW! Being a whistle blower is not a crime. In fact, she should have been PROTECTED under the Whistleblower Protection Act. She exposed a crime and an attack against the United States of America that was far reaching and nobody knew, at the time, that this thing was more than just some leaked emails.

Let us know if you support and will sign our petition demanding immunity and the release of Reality Winner.

Mueller’s Latest Indictments of Russians: Politicized, Pointless | National Review

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's INDICTMENT file.

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