Community involvement is the key to our success as an organization. We invite you to join us! We offer various volunteer opportunities with a range in participation levels. Volunteer opportunities include but are not limited to the following:

Community Outreach: Identify resources in the community; help to engage churches, schools, non-profit organizations; identify events within the community. Time commitment: Flexible.

Data Entry: Log information from phone banking, track donors, compile data, etc.  Time commitment: Flexible.

Flyer Distribution: Post flyers in local businesses within the community and distribute organization collateral; door-to-door canvassing. Time commitment: 3-4 times/month.

Greeter / Welcome Table: Volunteers are needed to greet guests and staff welcome/registration tables at organization meetings/events. Time commitment: Approximately 2-3 hours depending on the length of meeting/event.

Meet-and-Greet: We are looking for volunteers who can host a meet-and-greet with Committeeman Kevin Bailey.

Phone Banking: Phone bank volunteers are greatly needed to encourage registered voters to vote! We provide a script. Time commitment: Flexible. Increased hours during the weeks before elections.

Precinct Coordinator: Be a 20th Ward Representative and work within a precinct to bring people together and get the word out about meetings, events happening in the ward or just fellowship and continue to build a sense of community.

Senior Citizen Engagement: Identify senior populations; help ensure needs are met and devise strategies arounds initiative to improve quality of life.

Social Media: Under the direction of the Media Chair, help us spread the word of our cause on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media networks.

Voter Registration: Volunteers are needed to become Voter Registrars to help facilitate voter registration during upcoming voter registration drives. Volunteers are also needed to ensure that eligible voters know their voting rights. Time commitment: 2-3 times/month.