I would like to thank everyone who elected me to serve as the Democratic Committeeman of the 20th Ward. I would also like to thank the volunteers and supporters who helped make that happen. I am dedicated to making a difference in our community, and with your support, I know we can make a positive impact.  As we work towards restoring a Democratic Organization in the 20th Ward, I am committed to reaching out and working with community members and constituents to ensure that we meet the needs of the people. We will work to encourage community engagement and offer several volunteer opportunities to drive value for our neighborhoods and community organizations. We will also work to increase voter engagement and participation to strengthen our voice as the 20th Ward in the upcoming elections and issues. We invite you to our monthly Community Meeting where we share ideas, express concerns, and raise issues about our community and city at large. We want to hear from you! Sign up for our newsletter and visit our website for updates.


Kevin M. Bailey
20th Ward Democratic Committeeman


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