There are many issues that impact our quality of life, way we feel about our neighborhood and our overall community.  Though there are many, they each fall into the following areas of focus: Education, Health and Human Services, Community Development and Public Safety.  Please see below which you are most interested in and please join us in making a positive change.



K-12 School closures , turnarounds and general operations have been a major focal point in the city; education comes in many forms and can offer access to a variety of opportunities and options.

  • Academic Engagement
  • School Programs
  • Volunteer Activities

Health and Human Services

Health and human services are critical not only personal health and wellness but the overall quality of life for the community.   Access to fresh foods, mental health support and social resources can be the difference between living and desperation.

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Community Social Resources

Community development

Community Development is an elaborate topic which includes the development of economics, people, processes and assets.

  • Economic Development
  • Workforce Development
  • Family Stabilization
  • Infrastructural Enhancements
  • Resident Engagement

Public Safety

Public safety is more than police services.  Public safety is also fire, ambulance and how they engage the community.  In addition to the various emergency services, community design can play a major role in mitigating risk for potential problems.

  • Emergency Services
  • Infrastructural Safety
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Community Policing