The 20th Ward Democratic Organization

The 20th Ward Democratic Organization was established in 2016 as the vanguard organization seeking to protect, advance, achieve power and influence for the people and communities within.




The 20th Ward Democratic Organization and its members work to:

  • Ensure fair and equitable elections
  • Increase voter participation and access
  • Slate and support candidates
  • Advocate to effect services, appropriate legislation and appropriations that impact our lives and communities.

Organization Structure

The 20th Ward Democratic Organization has a board structure and is led by an executive committee.

Chairman: Committeeman Kevin Bailey

President: Rafael Donaldson

Treasurer:  David Adams

Secretary: Michele Evans-Brock


Team approach

Our community faces many issues; far too many issues for one person to be able to tackle alone.  That's why Committeeman Kevin Bailey and the 20th Ward Democratic work as a team.  We take a large problem, develop committees, task forces and partnerships to create a strategy and steps to provide a solution.  If you are interested in working on a specific issue, in the office or creating your own committee, be sure to let us know.